Dong Van district sowed 250 hectares of buckwheat flowers, preparing many experiential activities to welcome tourists to participate in the Buckwheat Flower Festival at the end of October.
This year’s festival has the theme “Blooming Stone Plateau”. Dong Van district is the center of the festival. This year, the event was held in conjunction with the ceremony to receive the title of member of the UNESCO Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark network for the third time.
Currently, Dong Van has planted 250 hectares of buckwheat trees, including 51 key hectares, concentrated in some communes such as: Van Chai, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin, Lung Cu, Dong Van town. ..
In order to make a difference from previous festival seasons, the locality plans to organize many experiential activities for tourists. Accordingly, the festival has many places for visitors to admire flowers, perform folk arts exchanges and traditional games such as folk singing, flute playing, flute dancing, ball smashing, bird’s nest fighting, ferris wheel…
Dong Van also proactively designs and shapes flower planting sites to ensure aesthetics. In addition, communes and towns have established self-management groups to unify management and care, ensuring environmental hygiene, safety and order at flower growing sites to serve tourists.
Within the framework of the festival, there will be space to display buckwheat flowers on the main roads of the district such as on the walking street of Dong Van Old Town, the square yard – where the main festival takes place… At the same time, Visitors can view booths displaying cultural products, tourism products, agricultural products, cuisine and local medicinal herbs.
In addition, the locality organizes many other experiences for visitors on this occasion such as weaving linen, hand-embroidering traditional costumes, making household items and traditional musical instruments; culinary or activities associated with the life of the people of the rocky plateau such as threshing, grinding, tossing corn in a dance, carrying corn across the bridge…
In addition to the festival center area, cultural and tourist villages also organize many cultural exchange activities, arts, and folk games for visitors to experience.
Mr. Nguyen Van Chinh – Vice Chairman of Dong Van District People’s Committee said that the district wants to create something new, while still retaining the inherent value of a traditional festival. Dong Van is ready to welcome tourists to experience a new festival season,” he said.
Through this year’s festival, the locality also aims to promote the spirit of national solidarity and promote economic and social development; contributing to honoring the values and images of life, people and traditional cultural values of ethnic groups on the Dong Van stone plateau, at the same time, exploiting available tourism potential.
Ha Giang province buckwheat flower festival was first held in 2015 and has become an annual event to promote the image and introduce the province’s strong products, helping to promote economic and social development. local association.